Trade certificate for live and Death in Somali livestock export

the base of the government require to give livestock health certification
the base of the government require to give livestock health certification


Due to the stand-off livestock export business between my country and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as Somalia, I decided to plead to Saudi Kingdom to deal with the confrontation between Somalia and Somaliland in terms of legal side and medical certification requirements of livestock export.

To deal with the issue, who has the legitimacy to deal with livestock export, we need to know who manages the Port of Berbera, which the main port of Somali Livestock Export site?

Why we need to ask this question?  Because every country like,  Saudi Arabia needs an accountable administration to deal any wrong doing in the business.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia should know that the government of Somaliland based in Hargeisa is the managing entity of the port, while Somalia’s government in Mogadishu only manages several streets in the Capital Mogadishu under the protection of the African Union Peacekeeping Mission known as AMISOM.

The Smart UAE government has tried to do business related the management of the Port of Berbera with the government of Somalia in Mogadishu in 2012-2014-1. But UAE has found in 2015, that Somalia’s federal government based in Mogadishu has no role in the business in Berbera  and decided to do agreements with the government of the Republic of Somailand. See the tripite agreement between the government of the Republic of Somaliland, DP World (UAE company) and the government of the federal Republic of Ethiopia. In this agreement, Somalia’s Federal government and Parliament has nullified, but the without any hinderance from Mogadishu government,  the tripite agreement was implemented and the Port of Berbera is now managed a company (DP World) from Saudi friendly country -UAE


Not only the Port agreement but the Government of UAE has signed Military based agreement with the government of the Republic of Somaliland, which was also nullified by somalia-parliament, but the agreement continues to work after somaliland-parliament-endorses-berbera-port-deal


Beside UAE, Somaliland has bilateral agreements with the governments of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Turkey, UK, South Africa, and recently with Kenya and Guinea Conakry.

All these countries never search any concern from Mogadishu based government to deal with Somaliland, because they know the reality on the ground.

Let alone Saudi Arabia is the Guardian of the Holy sites of Islam and has no interest in dividing Muslim state. That is right, but Saudis need to fill simple equitation. Let us go back to the history, was Somalia as one country as it is respected by the International community now or two states United to reach one common goal? The Answer is Somalia was two United sovereign states to bring Somali speaking people in the Horn of Africa under One flag, similar to the Egyptian Nasir in early 1960s. But according to UN legal Commission report in 1968 this ambition never become legal pending instrument.


But this Ambition passed away, due to the injustice genocide and Mass killing  conducted by Mogadishu government between 1980-1991 which led full scale of civil war that still continues in Mogadishu.

Since 1991, when Somalia went into chaos, Somaliland become independent state that do business with many sovereign states in the world.


But the problem with Arab states, who claim to safeguard what they called Somalia’s sovereign. Saudi Arabia is one of these countries. One good example,  if someone from Somaliland wants to perform Haj;  he/she should go a life/death journey to mogadishu  (due to the instability of Mogadishu) to find Somalia’s passport (see Somalia’s Passport first page it says “In the Name of the Law (Which Law).  Because if they don’t go that Journey Saudi Arabia will not accept their Passport (See the first Page of Somaliland Passport says “In the Name of Allah- {the one we worship in performing Haj}.

Similar to the above-mentioned example in this year, Saudi government imposed Somalilanders to search livestock medical certifications from Mogadishu based government, which has no rules in Berbera Port. The new requirement of Saudi Arabia of the livestock medical certifications may also understood as  Saudis imposing another life/death Journey to Somalilanders.

But the risky is not alone to Somalilanders now, but Saudis may also pay the price. Example let us think Somaliland government accepts the Saudi requirement and Somalia’s medical certifications are manifested to Saudi Arabia without doing any medical examines done in Berbera , who will be accountable any health related issues of the livestock, because somalia- ( Mogadishu)  government has neither administrative rule in Berbera  nor physical presence.

Unlike the realities above. Somalia’s Mogadishu government never become  Member of Commerce related bodies in the World neither the Old General Agreement for Trade and Tarrif known as  Gatt  nor the  current  World Trade organization (WTO) , because the regulations of these organizations are not applicable to somalia.

Unlike Somalia, both Gatt and world trade laws are applicable to Somaliland, for this reason, which law or international Law enforcing Saudi Arabia to impose Somalilanders to search medical certifications from Mogadishu to export their livestock!?

Finally, according to Islamic Sharia enforced in Saudi Arabia, neither Muslim state nor Muslim person has the right to create Muslim Communities or force Muslim people anything endangering their lives.

For this reason, Saudi Arabia should understand reality on the ground in Somalia and Somaliland and deal each one on the bases of the territories they manage in real, similar with UAE’s engagement.

excluding  Somaliland from the business means sending Somaliland  people to force their government to ally with Saudi Opponent states in the region, because Somaliland government is elected directly by the people unlike their opposition Somalia which nominated by few people collected in a conference room in AMISOM protected Halane Airport in Mogadishu.

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